Support apprenticeships in hospitality!

For many youngsters now, university, with its tuition fees of more than £9000 – and that is before factoring in any rent or living costs – is simply not an option. But many teenagers and young adults are still very keen to access further education and training which will help them build the career.

Young people can earn while they learn the vital skills and gain qualifications relevant to their chosen industry.

A universal challenge for hospitality businesses is sourcing talented and dedicated staff – we see apprenticeships as one of the key ways to address this lack of personnel.

Not only do they bring new talent into the industry and give young people the opportunity for training and professional experience, apprenticeships also offer a really cost-effective way for employers to take on additional resources.  A good apprentice can provide vital support to the more senior team members. It’s a win-win situation!

As such, at Avon Data we want to encourage all hospitality businesses to introduce apprenticeship schemes to draw more young talent into this fantastic industry and give young people who cannot afford full-time training the opportunities they deserve.

Avon Data apprenticeships

We launched our apprenticeship scheme in 2014 with Bristol training provider 3aaa, which was rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, and have since had two apprentices complete their Level 3 qualifications for IT and Telecoms Professionals.

One of the apprentices went on to secure a full-time IT job at another company, while the second apprentice Liam Pullin stayed on to complete an IT Level 4 Trailblazer apprenticeship, which he hopes to finish next month.

Liam, 20, who started his apprenticeship with Avon Data in September 2015, and has become a valued member of the team, providing a wide range of IT support services.

We asked Liam why he chose to do an apprenticeship and how he felt it had benefitted him.

Here’s what he had to say:

“I was looking for something that would enable me to make some money while I learnt and that would help me find full-time employment later.

“The apprenticeship at Avon Data has made me a more confident person. Before, I was quite nervous about going to school and I would just stay in my bedroom a lot.

“I was very quiet when I started and it has helped me progress in that way. I am more mature now.

“It is difficult at times juggling the college work with a proper job but it’s been a great experience.”

In 2018, we are opening up two further apprenticeship positions and will be seeking out Bristol's best young talent!