Frequently asked questions

Features and functionality :

How can I manage my rates in Hotel Executive?

Hotel Executive has a tariff matrix where you set the rates and business rules such as minimum night’s stay and closed to arrival. You can also use its dynamic pricing feature to set complex rules which will automatically alter the prices, according to days of the week or how many rooms have been booked. The rates that are set in the tariff matrix automatically get fed through the channel manager. So you just need to manage your rates in one screen and it sends the information out to all your sales channels in real time.

Can Hotel Executive update my online sales channels automatically?

Yes, as explained above, Hotel Executive’s tariff matrix will update pricing information automatically across all sales channels so there is no need for time consuming manual updating across several different websites.

Can I set my rates to change automatically when I only have a few rooms left?

Yes, Hotel Executive’s dynamic pricing feature allows you to set complex rules which will automatically vary prices including how many rooms are left.

I like to keep in touch with guests before and after their stay – can emails be automated to facilitate this?

Yes, Hotel Executive has a guest engagement module which can be set-up to send out automatic emails to guests before, during and after their stay. The emails can be fully branded and tailored to each individual guest to ensure a greater impact and encourage repeat bookings.

Can the system send an SMS confirmation of a booking?

Yes, Hotel Executive can be set to automatically send a text message to guests to confirm their booking, enquiry or change of booking. Hotel staff can send personalised text messages to guests from within their reservation or records. The system also takes into account which modes of contact a guest prefers so the SMS service can be deactivated where guests do not wish to receive texts.

Can I send a bulk SMS campaign directly from Hotel Executive to previous guests?

Yes. Hotel Executive’s SMS system allows hotels to send bulk text messages from within the guest history module, making the most of their database. This is ideal for promoting special events or late availability deals. Text message credits cost just six pence.

How can I extract guest data from the system for marketing purposes?

Hotel Executive has a guest history module where hotel staff can search for guests using many different criteria such as when they stayed or what town they are from. You can tag guests using 40 different categories such as ‘foodie’ or ‘golfer’ to assist with future searches.

What front office reports are available from the system?

A wide range of reports can be extracted from the system including arrival and departure reports, occupancy reports, availability reports and more.

What financial reports are available from the system?

A wide range of financial reports can be pulled from the system including departmental revenue with a daily/weekly/monthly breakdown, deposits, banking, sales ledger reports and more.

What management reports are available from the system?

There are numerous management reports available such as projections, channel reports, rooms sold reports showing ADR and RevPAR and more.

Can the system deal with group bookings?

Yes, Hotel Executive has a group module which allows you to easily book, manage, check-in and check-out groups.

Is there a waiting list to add potential guests to if there is no availability?

If there is no availability, you can make a booking which gets held on a waiting list.  If a room becomes available which matches the room type and date required, the waiting list bar on the planner screen flashes green. If a room becomes available for the correct date, but is a different room type to the one requested, it will flash orange.

How would Hotel Executive deal with company accounts?

Hotel Executive has a full sales ledger so guests who are not settling their own bill can have the room bill sent to the company account. Company accounts can be set to use certain rates or apply negotiated discounts. 

Can guest invoices be branded with a hotel’s own logo?

I only have one function room, would I need the Events system to book it out?

No, not necessarily. Many of our clients use the Hotel Executive PMS to deal with functions but if you are hosting a lot of them then Events can be a big help.

Can I post bar and restaurant charges from the tills to the guests’ room accounts?

Yes, we have our own EPOS system and can link to several third party EPOS systems.

Does Hotel Executive link to Sage?

Can the system be accessed from anywhere?

Yes, the HE Remote app gives hotel staff access to Hotel Executive from anywhere. It can be downloaded in under five minutes onto any PC, laptop or Windows 8 tablet. 

I have two hotels and we cross book between properties – can this be achieved with Hotel Executive?

Yes, several hotels can be managed from one location remotely using HE Remote. 

I have several hotels and need to manage them all from a central location – how can Hotel Executive deal with this?

Yes, see above.

Can I control what functions of the system individual staff members can access?

Yes. There are several security levels through which you can give individual staff members different privileges to access certain functions.

Can I see who has made changes within the system?

Yes, Hotel Executive provides a full audit trail of all staff activities. Staff can all have separate logins meaning anything they do within the system is clearly attributed.

Is the system suitable for small or large properties?

We work with everything from four bedroom properties to those with more than 200 rooms.

Can Hotel Executive link to my current EPOS system?

Set up / implementation:

Is the implementation carried out remotely or on-site?

It is carried out onsite in most cases as its more personal and makes it easier to provide comprehensive training but we can do it remotely if required to do so.

Is the software installed on-site or is it hosted?

We do either depending on a hotel’s preference.

Some people prefer to have the software installed on their own server so that they feel more in control – and they avoid monthly hosting fees.  Internet access isn’t great in all areas of the country and for hotels where this is the case, having a system installed locally is a more reliable option.

Other people like the idea of having their system hosted in the cloud and don’t want the responsibility of maintaining a server onsite.

Can data from a previous hotel management system be moved across to Hotel Executive?

In many cases yes, guest records and reservations can be transferred across.

How can the transition be best managed to minimise disruption?

This is all down to preparation. We do everything possible prepare and minimise disruption. We will go through everything with you before the implementation to explain what will happen and what you need to do to get everything in place. The more information a hotel can give us ahead of implementation and the more they prepare the better, so we can make sure the system is set up exactly as they want it. 

Is there a single point of contact during the implementation process?

Yes, each client has a dedicated account manager.


What level of support is available after the implementation?

We offer 90 days’ free support after which support is provided as part of an annual all-inclusive contract. Support is available from 7am to 11pm, 365 days a year. Our account managers are experts in the hotel industry so understand their client needs and can guide people through queries. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t make additional charges for server re-installations, new or replacement workstation installations, 

What is included in the annual support contract?

The support described above and updates to the system.


How does Avon Data’s pricing compare to its competitors?

The cost is not the same for all hotels, it is broken down into price bands according to the number of bedrooms. This way we can ensure Hotel Executive is affordable for all sizes of hotels. For the level of functionality offered by Hotel Executive, the pricing is very competitive.

The Hotel Executive software is a one off cost so you don’t go on paying usage fees. We pride ourselves on our transparent pricing, there are no hidden costs that can spiral out of control. All the pricing is fixed making it easy for hotel owners and managers to do their financial planning and budgeting. 

Do Avon Data clients have to commit to a fixed period contract?

Our clients do not have to commit to a fixed period. The Hotel Executive software is purchased outright and support is available on an annual contract with a three-month notice period to cancel.

Are there ongoing support costs?

Yes, if you opt to sign up for the year-long support package. These costs are fixed for a year and discounts are available for longer term contracts. 

Are there ongoing hosting costs?

Yes, there are monthly hosting fees if you opt for a hosted system.

Does Avon Data charge transaction fees for online bookings?


How we work:

How does Avon Data support and advise clients?

Each client has a dedicated account manager to advise them and our support team is on hand 365 days a year. We can connect remotely to clients’ systems to quickly rectify any issues or talk through queries.

Do clients have their own personal point of contact to handle any queries?

Yes, they each have an account manager.

What advice is on hand for prospective new clients?

We talk to prospects on a consultative basis and work hard to understand their requirements and what processes they want to change or improve, then we show them how we can help them. 

Can clients arrange an initial meeting to talk through the system?


Development :

Where is the software developed?

At Avon Data’s head office in Bristol.

How often does the system get updated?

The system is constantly being updated in line with market demand.     

What recent additions have been made to the system?

In the last six months we have developed a new guest engagement module, an improved version of HE Remote and new management reports.

What is currently being worked on / developed?

We are currently working on an entirely new browser based PMS which is due to be completed in 2018.

How is the system likely to change in the future?

See above. We plan to move to a browser based system.

Avon Data – the business:

Who is behind Avon Data?

Avon Data is a second generation family company which was founded in 1986 by the son of a hotelier. It boasts a great staff team, several of whom have been with the company for many years.

Where is it based?


What is its business ethos?

We aim to provide feature rich software which is reliable and robust at great value while offering unrivalled service and support. We will always go the extra mile for our clients.


What level of training is available to staff?

On-site training is included as part of the implementation and further training is always available via videos online. Additional on-site training can be provided for a daily fee while remote training online can be provided on an hourly basis.


How can individual staff access on-going support and training?

There are training videos which can be accessed online and further training from a member of the Avon Data team can be provided on-site or online for a daily or hourly fee, respectively.

How regularly is training updated?

The training reflects the features of the system so new training videos are produced when new modules or features are developed. We would always recommend that hotels set aside some budget for ongoing training because with a high staff turnover in most hotels, the original training we provide gets diluted quickly and results in people not getting the most out of their Hotel Executive system.