Hotel Front Desk Software

Run your hotel front office like clockwork and improve guest experience

Check-ins and check-outs no longer need to be time consuming for your guests – or your hotel staff. Our easy to use hotel front desk software makes it quick and easy to stay up to date and provide your guests with a fantastically smooth service. 

Give your front desk staff all the information they need, at their fingertips, making it easy for them to make reservations, manage room accounts, and welcome guests efficiently.

Key Features

  • New! Guest engagement module

    Automated, branded guest emails pre and post stay promoting up-selling and direct re-booking

  • Quick and efficient check-in / out

    No long queues at the desk

  • Automated backup

    Takes place in the background so you don't have to stop working

  • Task diary

    Reminds you of the jobs that need to be done, at the right time

  • Branded customer facing documents

    Professional and attractive registration cards and check-out bills

  • Telephone call logging

    Automatically charge guests' telephone calls to their room account

  • PCI-Compliance

    Guests’ card details can be kept completely safe off-site, protecting you from the risk of breaching data regulations

  • Information at your fingertips

    Front office reports on arrivals, departures, guest room balances, meal plans, housekeeping and more

Happier staff and happier guests

Your guests’ payment details are stored securely off-site, helping you to achieve PCI compliance and keep your guests details 100% safe, with our HE Secure module. 

To make front desk check-ins quicker for your guests, it’s simple to print out registration cards in advance. And those all-important backups of the system don’t need to interrupt at all – just schedule them in and they’ll happen in the background, allowing you to keep working.  

The task diary will make sure nothing is forgotten, and the Hotel Executive system will send out automated confirmation letters, emails or text messages to guests on booking.

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Avon Data are proud to supply:

  • Congham Hall
  • Eden Hotel Collection
  • Fullers
  • Mallory Court
  • Upham Group