Reservation System

Maximise revenue and cash flow with our rate management tools and integrated payment gateway

Now it’s easy to adjust and adapt your hotel prices throughout the week or even through the day, with extraordinary flexibility. You’ll not only get more bookings with our hotel reservation system, you’ll also be able to make the most of high demand periods.

Our Tariff Matrix module gives you real control over all your prices, as far into the future as you like. You can change a tariff at any time, without effecting existing bookings or prices for other days of the week. For example, you can set different prices for different days or the week – and you could, for example, increase prices through the day as more rooms are sold.

Key Features

  • New! Guest engagement module

    Automated, branded guest emails pre and post stay promoting up-selling and direct re-booking

  • Dynamic Pricing

    Allows you to set up sophisticated rules to vary prices, for example depending on how many rooms are already booked

  • Remote Control

    Control reservations and prices remotely using HE-Remote

  • Multiple booking types

    Single, group, block, quick book

  • Color coded drag and drop planner

    An at a glance view of bookings showing booking type, booking status, VIPs, no swap, and under utilised rooms

  • Reservation wait list

    Make a booking even if a room isn’t available, placing the reservation in a queue

  • Full audit trail

    Track changes made to reservation dates, rates or guest details

Improve profit margins

There’s a massive amount of flexibility built into the Property Management System. For example, you can set rules for changing the level of price uplifts depending on room types, or restrict the number of times a particular tariff is sold in one day. And with our Dynamic Pricing module you can set up occupancy and revenue rules so prices automatically change as more bookings come in. 

You can control all this remotely with our HE-Remote module. You can check availability, make reservations and adjust tariffs whenever you wish – ideal for larger hotel groups where bookings are managed centrally, or for when owners or managers want to keep control of things when they’re away. 

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