Restaurant and Bar POS

The complete touchscreen EPOS solution for your hotel bar and restaurant

Reduce the costs of running a bar or restaurant with our sophisticated Banquet system. You’ll be able to give your customers a smoother and faster service, while finding it far easier to stay on top of billing and stock control. 

Banquet is a complete Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system that integrates bar and restaurant ordering, billing and stock control. The interface is highly visual and easy to use, and offers the option of using security swipe cards to access the system – allowing you to keep track of all user activity. 


Key Features

  • Colour definable touch software

    Easy to use, highly visual screens

  • Simple user interface

    Making life easier for busy staff

  • Live stock level alerts

    For limited availability items such as ‘catch of the day’ where there may only be 20 portions available

  • Kitchen printing

    Including free text for sending messages to the kitchen

  • Runs on static terminal or tablet

    Providing maximum flexibility

  • Multiple table layouts

    Visual representation of multiple table layouts, reducing mistakes, and speeding up service

  • Sophisticated reporting

    Get a constantly updated view of operations with huge detail

  • Integrates with our other systems

    Simplifying billing and events

Streamline operations

Orders will automatically be sent to the kitchen, streamlining communications, and there’s an unrivalled ability to control stock by storing details on every sale item. 

You can set up the touchscreen as you wish, for example displaying a graphical representation of table layout, or give staff prompts to offer extras.

Plus, of course, Banquet gives you detailed reports, down to individual sale items, so you can gain a clear view of how the business is performing in every area. 

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Avon Data are proud to supply:

  • Congham Hall
  • Eden Hotel Collection
  • Fullers
  • Mallory Court
  • Upham Group